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we want the airwaves back

We want transmission for the people by the people

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Dedicated to the webzine thing. A place to talk about ideas/designs and the such.

The name is taken from a Refused song.

I thankye.

Liberation Frequency:

It's coming through the air for all of us to hear
Could be the sounds of liberation or just the image of detention?
We want the airwaves back
We don't just want airtime we want all the time all the time.
We want the airwaves back
We want transmission for the people by the people.
What frequency are you getting? Is it noise or sweet sweet music?
On what frequency will liberation be?

We Want The Airwaves Back: Modus Operandi

The aim of our website is simply to celebrate and promote the music that has helped to mould us into the people we are. We want to look both at new music that excites us and old music we deem to have been influential, both on others and ourselves. Each of us working on the site has been brought together and bonded over our common love of music, though many have never even met save over the medium of the internet.

In terms of tone and style we want to create something slightly left field and almost casual in its approach and humour. Not one of us would claim to be a professional in any area of journalism, but we make up for that with our passion for music and the element of fun that working with friends can bring. It is our hope that our website will restore faith in - and provide an outlet for - young music fans, not corrupted by the flashiness of corporate music and its cynical marketing tactics.