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(no subject) [Nov. 27th, 2005|11:11 pm]
we want the airwaves back

can any of you guys email me bullet union's "ruin's domino" album? I can't afford postage from the UK to here.
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Album list - 2005 [Nov. 27th, 2005|08:33 pm]
we want the airwaves back
and you thought no albums came out this year!Collapse )
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(no subject) [Nov. 18th, 2005|12:53 pm]
we want the airwaves back

holy shit, when did people start using the blog?
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(no subject) [Sep. 27th, 2005|12:09 am]
we want the airwaves back

photo of the week, dingleberries.
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(no subject) [Aug. 4th, 2005|03:46 pm]
we want the airwaves back

the bio pop-ups don't seem to be working for me.

also!!11 how long does a review stay in the "spotlight" bit?
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I'm so new here [May. 5th, 2005|05:42 pm]
we want the airwaves back

I don't know if anyone else has called it or anything. Or how any of this really works but if it's possible can I review songs for silverman by ben folds?
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(no subject) [Apr. 17th, 2005|02:06 pm]
we want the airwaves back
so, since everything hates me, and so on, i wanted to let you all know i have like 12 pictures of q and not u, the need to be resized and they are a little blurry, and they are black and white, but there are a couple ok ones, so if you want to think about maybe using them, i can send you the folder, i also have matt pond pa pictures stuck on my computer somewhere and i cant get them out, but what can you do.

also would any one mind if i wrote a rant about the OC / Spin magazine, hearing that hideous ben lee album made me so angry i want to write a pissy rant.

also...we need to catch up on album reviews we are way behind, and i am jsut as guilty, but i ripped a bunch of cds from teh radio staiton on my computer and i can either review them myself or send them to people who are interested i have, to the best of my memory:

MIA - Arular
Andrew Bird - And the Mysterious Production of Eggs
The Books - Lost and Safe
The Decembrists - Picaresque
Single Frame - Body/End/Basement
gang gang dance - god's money
Thunderbirds Are Now - Just A Moustache
Bloc Party - Silent Alarm
Maximo Park - Apply Some Pressure
Akron/Family - ?
Pit Er Pat
Des Ark - Loose Lips Sink Ships
The Evens - The Evens
Spoon - Gimme Fiction
The Locust - the new ep, i forget the name
Stephen Malkmus - Face the Truth (i think i will do this)
Stars - Set Yourself on Fire
The Mountain Goats - whatever their forthcoming album is
Black Mountain - Black Mountain

and some more that as soon as my computer looks them up i will tell you what they are, cause i am too dumb too remember what they are
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observations i'm not qualified to make [Apr. 15th, 2005|01:18 am]
we want the airwaves back

[music |fucking owls, i say.]

firstly, joe is a really ace reviewer.

secondly, what's with all the updates? have you all been fucking with drugs?

thirdly, i hate to shout bias in terms of the review or anything because i know at least three people who have heard & expressed the same opinion as young edward in terms of the album... but on the main page we have a million dead recording diary, a million dead video diary, a million dead interview and a link to a review of the upcoming million dead album. i like million dead, but do we have to shoot our proverbial wad so obviously over million dead?
i don't think it's a terribly bad thing, but maybe we could cover it up a little by moving the video diary off the front page for now?
i know it's not really fair for me to make such a pedantic point, but fuck it.

fourthly, words from reuben is really ace.

fifthly, i think i'm finished.
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(no subject) [Apr. 7th, 2005|04:27 pm]
we want the airwaves back

reviews make up the bulk of the site. it's evident that we won't have the "other" content that we want for a while because we can't/haven't found people that are happy to talk relevant shit on love, death, drugs, hate, religion, god, whatever. so why not do something on the main page to draw more attention to the reviews and less to the lack of interviews (speaking of which, PLZ PUT MY COMETS ON FIRE INTERVIEW UP ALLISON, THX)? in the sense that it makes it look like there is more content, i suppose. this is my long winded way of saying we should maybe have a 'review of the week' (if we can keep up this pace where we have at least a couple of reviews every week). or something similar. a featured review or something. i haven't particularly thought this through. the review of the week could be one that goes stupidly indepth, or just the funniest. or just a standard one. whatever. i don't know.
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(no subject) [Apr. 1st, 2005|02:42 pm]
we want the airwaves back

hello there you swine. shouldn't that photo of the week deal have been updated? i think we should change it and pretend it was updated at the right time.
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